Serial Port configuration problem

I haved install the program but i made an error to select the Control Lab port.
Now, every time I open the program it say “Control Lab not connected” and the only possibility is to exit from the software

Hi GianCann,

Can you give me more details of how you are getting this error? What did you mean by “made an error to select the Control Lab port”? The program auto-select which serial port the Control Lab is connected automatically. Sometimes there are issues depending on the type of Serial-to-USB adapter you might be using - not all of them are supported. If you send me some more details, I will try my best to help you get it working. Thank you!


Here is a list of the adapters I have tested:

I get this cable:

This cable should work, since it has a Prolific Chipset. Are you connecting the serial port end directly into the Control Lab? Looks like this cable could screw into the Control Lab based on this picture:


But you still need a null modem serial cable going from the Control Lab to the serial end of the USB-Serial adapter. You can use the original cable that came with the Control Lab or any null modem cable or adapter. I have used these:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=null+serial&qid=1594094498&s=pc&sr=1-11